Things are continuing to shake up on ESPN’s NFL coverage, they will look dramatically different next year.  It was already reported that Mike Ditka is out from the Countdown show (though he will remain with the network in an emeritus role), and that Matt Hasslebeck and Charles Woodson are on their way in.   Trent Dilfer is also reportedly leaving in addition to two other names, Cris Carter and Ray Lewis.

According to The Big Lead, Ray Lewis and Cris Carter are out and Randy Moss is on his way in after spending last season at Fox Sports.

Both Lewis and Carter boldly spoke their opinions but there were other off the air factors.  Carter caught flack after a video from a rookie symposium showed him telling them they should have a “fall guy” to take the blame if they ever get in trouble with the law.  Lewis’ Facebook preaching and the sexual assault charges against his son didn’t help his case.  MOST importantly, Lewis and Carter just weren’t very good on the show…

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