Afrika Bambaataa has finally come out publicly to speak on the molestation charges made against him. While sitting down with Lisa Evers, Bambaataa says he never touched the young men accusing him of sexual abuse.

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Bambaataa’s old security guard spoke out saying there was always numerous boys going in and out of his home. This has raised the eyebrows of many who now believe Bambaataa is indeed guilty. When speaking on the claims made in Ronald Savage’s book, Bambaataa said,

“I never touched that brother”

When Fox 5’s Lisa Evers question Bambaataa saying ‘Why now?’ he said,

“I never abused nobody,”

He describes the allegations as ‘out right lies.’

Bambaataa spoke on how he felt hearing the allegations saying,

“It was definitely hurting and definitely crazy to hear this now when I was doing so many other works in the community at the time,”

For those who have now turned their back against Bambaataa, he says,

“many of the people never want to speak to my other members who were of that era. They just going along with he say, she say…what they call gossip.”

Source: HipHopDX