(Video) Iowa Man Who Filmed Himself Molesting A Toddler Receives No Prison Time

Kragen Grooms openly admitted to molesting a 2-year-old girl back in April 2013. At the time he was 16. He molested the little girl while another man actually filmed it all.

(Video) Afrika Bambaataa Speaks Out On Molestation Accusations

Afrika Bambaataa has finally come out publicly to speak on the molestation charges made against him. While sitting down with Lisa Evers, Bambaataa says he never touched the young men accusing him of sexual abuse.

(Update) Zulu Nation Releases Second Statement Regarding Afrika Bambaataa Molestation Allegations

There has recently been allegations coming from a few men stating that hip hip star Afrika Bambaataa has molested them. The Zulu nation has released yet another statement on the allegations.

(Video) Men Make Claims That They Were Molested By Afrika Bambaataa

A man by the name of Ronald Savage is accusing Hip-Hop legend Afrika Bambaataa of molestation. Savage says that he was molested by Bamabaataa many times in the 1980’s. He was 15 at the time of the alleged molestation. Savage says he has decided to come out to the public about the situation to try and change New York’s statute of limitations for child sex abuse, which currently blocks criminal/civil charges after the victim turns 23. Savage is not the only man who has came out and said they were molested by Bambaataa. A unidentified man has just came out and said he also was molested by the hip-hop artist. There is allegedly three men all together making these claims.

(Video) Teens Investigated After Facebook Post Shows What Looks Like Molestation Of An Unconscious Girl

Kansas City officials are investigating what appears to be a molestation of an unconscious girl after Facebook post was shared. The video showed one teen taking complete advantage of an intoxicated young woman while the other recorded. Reports indicate that the teens met at a pool hall on Saturday and then went to a hotel where the young girl was videotaped with no clothes on from the waist down. Residents are outraged and are calling for the arrests of the teens.

(Video) TSA Screener Accused Of Molestation At NYC Airport

This world seems to be getting worse as the days go by. And, it’s not too surprising. Especially when you have Transportation Security Administration (TSA) associates abusing the power given to them. Instead of satisfying policy requirements, this person decided to satisfy his sexual appetite. For more details read along.

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