Kansas City officials are investigating what appears to be a molestation of an unconscious girl after Facebook post was shared. The video showed one teen taking complete advantage of an intoxicated young woman while the other recorded. Reports indicate that the teens met at a pool hall on Saturday and then went to a hotel where the young girl was videotaped with no clothes on from the waist down. Residents are outraged and are calling for the arrests of the teens.

Nae Bella | Twitter

A mutual friend of the victim and the young men went to police after seeing the video on Facebook. According to reports by KCTV the young woman stated that this isn’t the first time this pair has posted videos taking advantage of intoxicated females. The video has since been removed from the web.


Viewers of the video say that the teens accused of this sexual assault crime are student in the Raytown district, and since then many concerned residents have contacted the Raytown PD. The Raytown school district released this statement showing their support for the victim and justice,

The Raytown School District has been made aware of accusations against two students in an off-campus incident. While we cannot control choices made by students outside school hours, we will cooperate to assist police in any way we can.

As of right now, no charges have been filed against the teen pair, but outraged residents are calling for their arrests. Since the young victim is said to be underage the case has been handed over to the Kansas City PD’s cyber-crimes unit as well as the crimes against children detectives.

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