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This world seems to be getting worse as the days go by. And, it’s not too surprising. Especially when you have Transportation Security Administration (TSA) associates abusing the power given to them. Instead of satisfying policy requirements, this person decided to satisfy his sexual appetite. For more details read along.

TSA Screener Accused Of Molestation At NYC Airport

It’s being reported a college student was sexually molested at LaGuardia Airport, in NYC, by a uniformed TSA agent who demanded she go into a bathroom with him after getting off a flight so she could be searched for any illegal items.


The 22-year-old victim, who is Korean, had gotten off a Southwest Airlines flight from Salt Lake City. On Tuesday, the agent, identified as Maxie Oquendo, 40, approached her near the gate.

The woman was already past the checkpoint area and did not need to be screened, but Oquendo allegedly convinced her otherwise. While he was conducting an inappropriate, arbitrary search, the victim objected, Brown said, telling Oquendo, “You can’t scan me but you can have a woman scan me because I am a girl.” In his response, he claimed he does this to all passengers, then lifted up her shirt, unzipped her pants and fondled her.

Oquendo was arrested Thursday.

TSA has not been available for comments.

TSA Screener Accused Of Molestation At NYC Airport