Brazil’s, now former President, Dilma Rousseff called this recent impeachment a “coup d’etat” and claims she is s victim of injustice.

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“My government was the target of nonstop sabotage. The objective was to stop me from governing and therefore allow an environment inviting the coup… I have made mistakes, but I have not committed any crimes. I am being judged unjustly, because I have followed the law to the letter.”

Despite the growing recession and possibly being linked to corruption via the country’s top oil supplier, Dilma Rousseff is being impeached for allegedly mishandling the federal budget but Rousseff however claims that she has done exactly what every other President before her has done. Saying that,

“The acts that I’ve committed, that they have accused me of, are pure acts of government. They were also committed by all the Presidents before me. If it wasn’t a crime before, its not a crime now”.

Her Vice President, Michel Temer, who is now President, said nothing in regards of the Rousseff controversy but that he has “respect for her” and that the people must now unite in this time of hardship and move forward.

Dilma Rousseff is not backing down though. She will now be fighting and gathering her supporters in hopes of getting back into power.