Just when you thought the race for the next President of the United States could not get any more interesting, Wendell Pierce, star from the television show “The Wire”, was arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman supporting Bernie Sanders.

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“The Wire” an American drama television series has quite the dramatic actors on-screen, and apparently off-screen.

Wendell Pierce was arrested Saturday after allegedly physically assaulting a woman who supporting Bernie Sanders.

Sources at the Loews Hotel in Atlanta share details on what occurred at the scene. The actor was having a conversation with the woman and her boyfriend, in which the discussion of politics come up. And based on this current election the subject on politics is an even more extremely sensitive subject due to the fact the candidates running really demonstrate a strong system of personal beliefs and values that are really ‘black and white’.

Wendell-whom is an extreme Hilary Clinton supporter-became extremely upset after conversing with a woman on whom she supports. The woman expressed her support for Bernie Sanders which infuriated Wendell so much, he pushed the woman’s boyfriend and then attacked the woman by grabbing her hair and smacking her in the head.

After this occurred, the couple traveled back into their room and called hotel security-who then called the cops. Pierce was arrested and booked for battery, he then posted $1,000 bond and was released.