Earlier this year, Jim Jones and Cam’Ron got a little petty on Instagram. On the anniversary of the Diplomats‘ debut album, Diplomatic Immunity Volume 1, Jim posted the album cover on his page, and added in the caption, “Somebody tell #KillaCam to unblock me lol.”

A couple of weeks later, they took a few shots at each other in the comments of one of Cam‘s photos – but it was nothing out of the realm of usual sibling pettiness. (They’re not actually brothers, but they might as well be.)

Marisa Mendez: Twitter || Instagram

In a new interview with DJ Drama on Sirius, Jim addressed the “drama,” and assures fans it’s more than okay:

“Let me tell you one thing about Cam. Cam is my brother, so when people think about me and Cam and they see us on social media, but you have never seen us be disrespectful to each on those platforms. To people, they might be like, ‘Oh they buggin’, Cam buggin’!’ But for us it’s really nothing. Me and Cam be cool. We’ll see each other in another couple weeks or whatever, laugh at it, joke at it. Like, ‘Yo you crazy!’ Just the same shit. If you got a brother, you understand what it is – if you REALLY have a brother. Nothing’s gonna go smooth at all. You heard? I’ve known Cam since I was 13 years of age, so this is a very long road that we’ve traveled. So I don’t count none of that. That’s my dude above all. I’ve been with him so long, that we both have the right to be upset with each other. We both have the right to get mad at each other sometimes. I love him to death, you dig? He should still unblock me off of Instagram, though. I still don’t know what that’s about. [laughs] That’s my man, though. We did it all together. We made history. Without him, I wouldn’t be here at this table. I wouldn’t be able to do interviews as Jim Jones the artist.”

He also spoke on Yandy Smith, which you can hear here.