IFWT_Fans Let Steph Curry Fall

The Golden State Warriors were looking more like their old selves on Wednesday night as they pummeled the Oklahoma City Thunder, winning game 2 by a large margin of 118-91.  Stephen Curry was in MVP form, knocking down 3’s and even diving into the stands after a loose ball in the first quarter.  Now Curry is supposed to be the most beloved player in the Bay but it didn’t look like it last night.

As Curry dove into the stands, Twitter noticed that not only did no one break his fall, but someone also punched him in the face!

“Anybody else you just let ’em fall,” sixth man Andre Iguodala joked via the Mercury News, “but you see Steph going, just have four people and catch him.”

Stephen Curry got up and continued to play, dropping a team-high 28-points but a huge knot began to develop on his elbow.

“It looks like I have a tennis ball on top of it,” the Warriors guard said. “But it doesn’t affect the range of motion or anything. It’s just the pain. So I’ll be all right.”

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