I think we all can agree that it has been a tough couple of months for Katt Williams. It looks like he might have caught a break recently though.

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This might come off as a shocker because of the amount of cases that Katt Willams has been charged with. Katt was out on bail for getting his body guard beat up. But the prosecution wanted to revoke that after new charges were piled against him (the unforgettable viral video of him fighting a teen and also throwing a salt shaker at a waiter).

But surprisingly, and fortunately enough for Katt, the prosecution had a good change of heart in addressing these cases. They withdrew their motion to revoke the bail plea. Apparently, witnesses were scheduled to make an appearance in court but oddly enough that didn’t happen.

The defendants weren’t really surprised by this motion, as Katt continues to push his side of the story in these two cases.

Listen to what his attorney had to say about the insignificance of the two cases: