Floyd Mayweather is apparently a fan of break dancing. The money team president was true to his name when it came to helping out a family that he had became a fan of. The dance group, called “The Finest Family” is six siblings that are led by their father. Floyd became a fan of them years ago and when they needed some assistance he was the first to make something happen.


The family of dancers from Chicago have had to struggle through some hard times over the years, such as washing cars as a family just to make ends meet and having to live out of their van for about six months.

Floyd became a fan of the family about four years ago according to TMZ and earlier this month he reached out to check on them and heard they could use some help. So Floyd went ahead and flew them out to Vegas and gave them $10,000 cash and told them “Whatever you need, let me know.”

The family truly considers Floyd a blessing and from the looks of their @MonsterKids Instagram page, they are full on part of The Money Team. They have made numerous appearances, including this one from the Steve Harvey show.

People love to focus on painting Floyd in a negative light but those people should pay attention to stories like this. Floyd does alot for people and most of the time it isn’t advertised to the world.