We previously heard of Mr. Vegas coming for Drake’s neck calling him fake and for stealing dancehall music because that’s the “hot thing” right now. He even went as far as to mention he left Popcaan’s “Controlla” verse off the album and isn’t giving credit where credit is due. Well Popcaan himself has some choice words for Mr. Vegas and it looks like Drake and ‘Caan have got something in the works.

Frankie Zing

In the video below, Popcaan bluntly says “we don’t need your help” to Mr. Vegas:

“Don’t try to violate my brother now. You don’t know anything about Unruly or OVO. You don’t need to defend Popcaan. OVO Unruly, we don’t need your help”.

Drake even chimed in and took a shot subliminally to Mr. Vegas’ hit song “Heads High” in the gallery above.