While Bobby Shmurda sits on Rikers Island hoping for some good news, he is told that two of his friends and GS9 members have been handed lengthy sentences. Despite all of that, he remains positive and spoke with XXL on what his future is looking like. Hit the jump to read more.

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Bobby Shmurda has been moved from the county jail to Rikers Island, and is keeping tabs on every piece of information from his case. When asked about his reaction to Rasha and A-Rod being sentenced to 53 and 98 years, he said:

My reaction to that is I’m keeping my head high and staying positive. They’re gonna get all that time back. The courts we’re in, we’re in Manhattan and they do a lot of dirty things there. They had no witnesses, no nothing and they still found them guilty. All the jurors that were there, they’re emailing [Rasha and A-Rod’s] lawyers like, “Yo I’m so sorry about it.
These D.A.’s in Manhattan, they brainwashed the jurors, they paint the pictures. They don’t even go off the facts of the law, so it’s crazy. So they’re gonna get that appeal and try and get out. They’re gonna be alright, they’ll be back.”

Bobby insists that cops have no evidence on him or his team; he claims this is sparked from hate. He said:

Well, my case, they really have nothing on me. They’re just doing a bunch of dirty things, that’s why I feel like they’re dragging it out so long. I looked at my case from back to front and they have yet to come up with any evidence to stick on me. They’re just trying to paint a picture of me because of the people I’m associated with, like they’re trying to have me on some guilty by association. But there’s no conspiracy of murder, all these gun charges, there were no guns found on me, none of my DNA is on these guns. They’re violating my constitutional rights, my civil rights. They just don’t want me out at all.

When asked how he’s holding up in Rikers, he seemed to be in good spirits and have no issues with anyone.

Nah, everybody show me love from Bloods to Crips. We’re not on that type of time, I know it looks crazy from the outside but we really don’t be on that type of time. Everybody’s getting money. My best friend’s a Blood.

Can we definitely be expecting some heat from Shmurda soon? Yes. The artist confirmed that he’s been working on some things with a few people and also have been writing some films. He shared:

Man, I wrote like three movies, man. I wrote Shmurda She Wrote, everybody wanna see what happened before the rap, how we grew up. It’s like a Belly, Get Rich or Die Tryin’, Shottas and Notorious all in one. It’s real. My life feel like a movie.

I got the next thing, it’s called Backyard Party and I got another movie called Saturday coming. Ice Cube, don’t sue me for that one [laughs]! Saturday is like a whole new 2014 East Coast version of Friday, a bunch of crazy events that happened on a Saturday. I’m trying to be an actor/rapper when I get out, I’m trying to do everything.

While Bobby still awaits trial, it’s good to know that he has such a positive outlook on his case. Are you ready for his release?