Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has changed lifestyles. Moving from the Valley to Bel-Air in Caliornia, she snatched up a great deal for an amazing house.

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Jennifer Lopez has sealed the deal with one of the best houses in Los Angeles. She closed on an 8-acre Bel-Air estate. The owner, Sela Ward, was asking for $40 mil and J.Lo was able to get it for only $28 mil.

The main house is 13,000 square feet and it has its own lake and beach!

The architecture is French stone country villa, which is known to be romantic. Not surprising, J.Lo is known to be a big LOVER.

And to get to the front door you walk across a covered bridge, above a creek.

She was able to snag this great deal with the help of realtor Brett Lawyer, who is also selling her Hidden Hills house for $12.5 mil

Her beautiful house sounds like a getaway that we all need from time to time. Congrats on the nice move J.Lo!