One Tennessee morning a man wakes up to his neighbor arguing with his soon to be ex-girlfriend out side their condo.


When this Tennessee woman finds her boyfriend cheating with his side piece things get a little to hectic, being infuriated with rage she fails to contain her cool and aims for the boyfriends car.

Whats even crazier is that it’s not even the cheating boyfriend behind the wheel, it’s nun other than “the other woman”… as the emotional ex-girlfriend starts propelling things at the car she manages to break one of the windows.

In the video below you’ll notice the back window smashed in, and that’s when the side chick decides she’s had enough.

The woman in the vehicle reverses and pins the girlfriend under the car but doesn’t stop on impact, as a result the woman suffered a severely broken leg as seen in this video.

Watch the video below. I have to warn you It’s extremely graphic.