(Video) “Graphic” Woman Gets Ran Over After Catching Her Boyfriend Cheating!!

One Tennessee morning a man wakes up to his neighbor arguing with his soon to be ex-girlfriend out side their condo.

(Video) OMG: Kid Gets Ran Over By A Car Then Gets Up And Walks Away Like It Didn’t Happen

In a recent video, a child is seen getting ran over by a car. Crazy part is, the child gets up and walks away as if nothing happened.

Auto:(Video) Girl Gets Ran Over By Motorcycle, Then Kicked In The Street!

I’m not gonna lie, this girl made a bad decision yesterday trying to run across the street with a motorcycle coming, but it’s disgusting what else happened. As you will see, a girl tries to cross the street when a speeding bike completely takes her out and her body literally slides down the street. Somehow, the scumbag on the bike didn’t really get hurt, and with the girl laying there motionless, he decides to stomp on her. I guess his crappy bike is worth more than a life. Check the video below. IamJOE357

(Video) Young Boy Run Over By Cement Truck

Very sad to witness footage like this, everyday terror caught on video.  In this particular footage a couple kids were crossing the street when a cement truck ran over one of them. The boy was killed instantly while his friend escaped any injury. Hit the jump Steph B

Man Ran Over His Girlfriend Because She Tried To Break Up With Him

Whoever said “love don’t cost a thing” was lying, because in these past two days it has cost many people their lives. A man ran over his girlfriend because she broke up with him. Click below to read the story. WiL Major

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