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Former NFL player Ricky Williams has always been a supporter of marijuana use and now he’s helping to open the world’s first weed-friendly gym in San Francisco this November.

Williams co-founded Power Plant Fitness with Jim McAlpine, who runs the 420 Games, an athletic event started to raise awareness about the positive effects of cannabis for people with active lifestyles.

“The mission of my first venture [was] to show the world that cannabis is not bad and it does not make people lazy nor stupid. And that it can be a healthy and productive part of an athlete’s life and training regimen,” said McAlpine.

The gym will further the basis of the 420 Games and aims to battle the stoner stereotype by merging athletics and weed for a more balanced workout that fuels both body and mind.

Unlike any other gym in the world, members will be able to consume cannabis (inside the gym!) while working out. The ability to just light up a joint inside the gym hasn’t been secured due to local law, though in-house vaping and edibles will be available immediately upon opening. In fact, Power Plant already produces a line of cannabis-based athletic edibles designed for both pre-workout and post-workout nourishment.

“Having Ricky Williams as a partner is f—— awesome because he exemplifies a successful and very athletic person who also uses cannabis,” McAlpine told Complex. “Ricky is as smart as he is a talented athlete. And that is a big statement.”

Williams failed three drug tests during his time in the NFL before retiring in 2004.  He attempted to return in 2006, but was suspended for the year due to a fourth failed marijuana test.  He was reinstated in 2007 and played through 2011.  He has always been outspoken about the positive affects of marijuana even during his playing days.

Williams holds the Miami Dolphins franchise records for rushing yards and rushing touchdowns in a season.

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