Apparently several celebrities today got their twitter hacked. One of them was Tenacious D, the famous musical actors composing of Jack Black and Kyle Gass.

Dilson Hernandez: Facebook | Instagram

The news was delivered today via their twitter account. The supposed hacker was pretending to be Kyle Gass, showing love for his long-time friend as he delivered the “heart breaking news” to their fans. The fake Kyle Glass said:

“I’m sad to officially announce the death of Jack Black at the age of 46, rest in peace brother.”

But none of this is really that believable. Their Facebook account or website, which is their main social media outlet, did not mention anything about Jack Black dying. Also the last time the group posted something on twitter before this message was on February. This isn’t even the first time this happened. Fans commented:

“That’s about the 4th time Jack Black has died.”


“Has the internet killed Jack Black again?”

Smh, I hate trolls lol Check out the hacked posts in the gallery.