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Last week, rapper Freddie Gibbs was arrested just before his show in France, on charges of a rape that allegedly occurred the year prior in Austria. He has remained behind bars in France since then, with authorities planning to extradite him to Austria to face the charges this week.

Gibbs and his lawyers have vehemently denied the allegations, and now are fighting the extradition as well.

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“Freddie Gibbs has indicated to the court that he would not be willing to be handed over to Austrian authorities without exercising his rights to a defense,” his lawyer Michael Malka said in a hearing yesterday. “He categorically denies the accusations made against him in Austria. He is even very surprised that Austria could act on this a year later, while he was on tour in Europe.”

The extradition hearing has been rescheduled for June 16, while a bail hearing has been set for June 14. This is a mess and feels very fishy… Prayers up for all involved!

Source: XXL