Black Ink Crew is like a fight club, somebody is always popping off! This time it went down in Puma’s new shop with Donna (his new employee) and Naeem (tattoo artist) hearing impaired girlfriend! Lord have mercy…

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If you’re a regular Black Ink Crew viewer, you already know Donna is about that life. She’s had plenty of fights over the past few seasons. Remember the fight with O’Shit’s girl or her more recent fight with Skye?

Well…Donna’s throwing her hands once again! She’s currently working at Puma’s new shop, starting a fairly new beginning but the drama seemed to stick to her. I hate to be a spoiler but next week’s episode is about to get ugly! She gets into a verbal turned physical altercation with Naeem’s baby momma, Alexis…Who just so happens to be hearing impaired! Now I will say that Donna wasn’t the catalyst to the situation. Alexis is the one who stepped to her! Check out a snippet of next weeks episode below:

Can’t wait to see the rest of the episode!

Source: VH1