Wide Receiver and son of former NBA player, David Robinson, Corey has made the difficult but wise decision to end his football career.

CTE is serious and authorities in the matter have not been able to 100% rule out the fact that multiple concussions may lead to it. The 21 year old Senior and student body president made the announcement to end his career with 65 receptions for 896 yards and seven touchdowns. His teammates and coaches believe that he is still destined for greatness.

“When Corey leaves the building, I don’t know that he is obsessed with football,” Note Dame associate head coach Mike Denbrook told the Chicago Tribune. “He’s obsessed with being a good human being and contributing to society.”

I guess it’s a little easier when you do exceptionally well in school, are popular, and are a little well off. It hurts my heart to think of all the athletes who felt that they had no choice but to push past the pain and possible life threatening damage for a few years of 6 or 7 figure deals just in order to take care of their families. I guess it just is what it is, right?

Best wishes to Mr. Robinson