Childish been on a roll. First he’s got his tv show Atlanta premiering on FX in September, than he just got casted in the new Spiderman movie and to top it off he’s got a new album coming in September, Pharos.

Posted by: Frankie Zing

Announced via App platform, Pharos, CG takes you into a boundless galaxy with a countdown at the bottom. As time went on, a planet emerged, and time crept up to the 15 digit number hitting zero. Some users discovered that if you sped up the background music, it would turn into new Childish Gambino music, as well as reveal links to purchase tickets for the album’s live debut in September.

The tickets were to three shows going for $99 a piece, in Joshua Tree National Park in Cali. Check out the sick Pharos app here and get ready for the pre-sale to begin at 9am PST on June 24!