Cops have now arrested two men and a woman who entered the Holland Tunnel with loaded handguns, rifles, 2,000 rounds of ammunition, a gun clip that says “America” and bullet-resistant vests with the word “Police” written on them. They were initially stopped for having a cracked windshield. As the cop took a look through the window he happened to spot a magazine for a gun.

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After the police conducted a thorough search, they found five pistols, two rifles (including a shotgun and what resembles an assault rifle), four knives, 10 loaded clips of ammunition and a military-grade helmet. Sources say that each and every gun found was locked and loaded.

Aside from the weapons, Police also found drugs in the car. The passengers were apparently really heavy heroin users. They just may have been making their way to Queens to rescue a woman being held. The people involved were a man in his 50s, a second older man of undetermined age, and a woman in her 20s. They were coming from PA when they were found.

Source: NYDailyNews