(Video) Stitches Has A Few Words For The Police Who Busted Him

Stitches has just put out a PSA for the police officers who busted him. He believes that the officers are out to get him because of his “success.”

Kanye West’s Doctor Warned Cops That Ye Could Be Violent

As previously reported, Kanye West was hospitalized last night, and now more details are being release about the incident. TMZ reports that it was Kanye’s own doctor who called 911, and he warned the dispatcher that Ye would become violent when police arrived to help him. Dr. Michael Farzam described Kanye as “suffering from temporary psychosis due to sleep deprivation and dehydration.”

(Video) T.I. Gets Pulled Over By Police And Says He’s Scared To Death

T.I. has just posted a video saying he got pulled over by police. He says his friend was playing with the widows in the car which lead to police smelling marijuana in the car. The cops pulled T.I. and friends over and search the car.

(Video) Two Homeless Men Who Alerted Police Of NJ Bombs Now Has Housing And Job Prospects

Ivan White and Lee Parker are the two men who played a part in stopping the bomb from going off in New Jersey. Lee Parker was looking for a backpack for a job interview when he came across the black one at the train station.

(Video) NYPD Cops Arrest A 13-Year-Old Girl

In a recent video, we see police arresting a 13-year-old girl being arrested by the NYPD. This video is truly disgusting.

(Video) Cops Abuse 18 Year-Old After He Argues With His Girlfriend, They Place a Mask Over His Head

This isn’t just a problem in America folks. Take a look at cops (I believe in the UK) clearly abusing this young black teen in open site, while his girlfriend screams for his safety.

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