(Video) SMH: Police Claims Cop That Shot Unarmed Caretaker Was Trying To “Save Him”

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it has. The Police Union claims the cop that shot an unarmed caretaker for an autistic man was only trying to “save him”. Hit the jump to watch.

(Video) Rapper King Myers Spits a Freestyle When Pulled Over By a Cop

No this is how you handle getting pulled over, haha. Props to the cop for actually listening… until it started getting real lol Check out the dope freestyle.

(Video) NFL: Police Body-Cam Traffic Stop With Colts Robert Turbin

Not all cops are bad, you have to know that…in case you were on the fence, here is one instance. Colts RB, Robert Turbin pulled over for running a stop sign, weed found in the car…and all he gets is…

(Photo) NBA: Stephen Jackson Says Stop Killing Good Cops & Black People Kill Each Other More

A Missouri man identified as Gavin Long, ambushed and killed three police officers in Baton Rouge on Sunday.  The slain cops were Montrell Jackson, Brad Garafola and Matthew Gerald.  Former NBA player Stephen Jackson posted a message on his Instagram page honoring Gerald and condemning the killing of a “good cop.”  He also posted a message honoring Jackson (a black cop) and discussed black-on-black crime.

(Video) WOW: Man Goes Off On NYPD!

With all of the tension and turmoil between citizens and police officers, people aren’t in the best of moods when the cops come around. Peep this hilarious video of a man going off on the NYPD.

(Video) NYPD Cops Speak The Truth About Police Policies

The NYPD is coming forward and speaking the truth about what really goes down when you’re in a blue uniform. Several officers came forward and enlightened us about the police force.

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