IFWT_Stephen Jackson

A Missouri man identified as Gavin Long, ambushed and killed three police officers in Baton Rouge on Sunday.  The slain cops were Montrell Jackson, Brad Garafola and Matthew Gerald.  Former NBA player Stephen Jackson posted a message on his Instagram page honoring Gerald and condemning the killing of a “good cop.”  He also posted a message honoring Jackson (a black cop) and discussed black-on-black crime.

Jackson said to think about what would happen if we didn’t have police.  Jackson said with Gerald killed, it’s another good cop gone and if this continues, we’re only going to be left with the bad cops.  Jackson says he wouldn’t care if the bad cops get killed but killing the good cops is stupid.

Stephen Jackson also posted a message about Montrell Jackson.  He said he hopes we march and protest for him too and that black people kill each other more than any cop did.

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