(Video) Woman Asks Boyfriend To Call The Cops Moments Before She Was Killed In Brooklyn

As Michelle Marks was outside walking and talking on the phone to her boyfriend, she spotted her killer who happened to be her ex-boyfriend. Lamont Wright shot Marks in her head near the park on Joralemon St. at 9:30pm on Monday.

(Video) Philadelphia Cop Slams Man To The Ground While He Was Handcuffed

A man and a Philadelphia cop got into a heated argument. Video footage does not show what happened prior to the cop and the man arguing but the cop slammed the man to the ground while he was handcuffed. Watch the video after the jump.

(Video) Cops Will Seek Second Shooter In Troy Ave Case

Investigators are now saying that the shots fired that injured Troy Ave and left his friend dead, may have came from someone else. This is pretty much what Ave said when he went to court. Apparently someone who has had a problem with Ave approached him which is when a fight broke out. Ave and the other person wrestled for the gun which is when another shot let off in the crowd.

(Video) Man Shot and Killed in Midtown Manhattan for Wielding a Knife

This morning around 820a a man bugged out in a food emporium at 49th and 8th ave, someone alerted police what was going on inside, and it just went down hill from there. Allegedly the man was arguing with the cashier over a beer purchase when he became “aggressive and belligerent,” and the story of what happened does suggest just that.

(Video) Racist Woman Calls Cop a “Ni**er Slave”

SMFH! Racist lady goes off on two black cops.

No Love For The Police: Men Throw Bricks At Cop Car

It seems like everyday worldwide patience is running thin for police, especially in the UK. Interestingly enough, cops pulled over a car with two men and expected nothing unusual, until things took a slight turn.

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