An unauthorized group of people partied at a dance studio in Fort Worth, Texas. The owner was unaware of the event, which makes them trespassers. She only became aware when a shooting occurred at her non-profit, safe haven for the youth.

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Owner of Studio 74 in Fort Worth, Texas was alerted about a shooting at her establishment early this morning. Both owner and operator was unaware of the event however, an employee was present working. He too said he was unaware it was an unauthorized event that he was working. Which is quite questionable in its own right. Police officers responded to the sound of gunshots inside the venue at approximately, 1:15am. The employee attempted to apply pressure to the gunshot wound of one of the victims. The victim was shot in the lungs and died outside of the venue, the second victim was announced dead at the hospital. Several others were hurt during the shooting and received medical attention. There are no suspects or known motives at this time.

Source: New York Daily News