This is certainly an interesting development. There are reports that Manny Pacquiao and Adrien Broner are working on a fight for possibly September or October. The information was revealed by Golden Boy VP Eric Gomez, who made it seem like even he was surprised to find that out as he was trying to find an opponent for Canelo Alvarez.


We all know Canelo and GGG are looking to fight each other in the fall of 2017, so Golden Boy promotions was in the midst of finding a fight for Alvarez in the meantime. Gomez claimed he inquired about having Canelo fight Pacquiao but that’s when he found out about the matchup with Broner.

“We’re close to finalizing an opponent. We have a short list. We’re very close. We’ll be announcing it shortly but one of the guys we were interested in was Pacquiao. We’d love to do a Pacquiao fight but from what we hear he has a deal to fight Adrien Broner.”

Now this is boxing, where some of the best liars in the world conduct business but judging from other outlets reporting this as well, a Pacquiao/Broner fight may really be in the cards.

Pacquiao’s last fight was a win over Timothy Bradley, in what was expected to be his last fight before retiring. The word retirement doesn’t mean much though in boxing, which is why people still expect Floyd Mayweather to fight again. Broner defeated Ashley Theophane in his last fight but it wasn’t a very dominating performance. Even with Pacquiao’s age, Broner would have to show up better than that to beat him. Broner also still has some legal issues pending, which could affect planning a fight.

A matchup with these two fighters would definitely be intriguing and would likely do pretty good numbers. Let’s hope it happens.

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