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With everything going on in Rio in terms of health and safety, injuries, and some players just wanting rest, a lot of the players from the 2012 U.S. Men’s basketball team did not return for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  It’s still quite a roster however that should definitely still be able to make some noise.

Carmelo Anthony (32, Knicks) and Kevin Durant (27, Thunder) are the only two players from the 2012 team that agreed to play on the 2016 team.  Joining them are:

Harrison Barnes – Age: 24, Team: Warriors

Jimmy Butler – Age: 26, Team: Bulls

DeMarcus Cousins – Age: 25, Team: Kings

DeMar DeRozan – Age: 26, Team: Raptors

Paul George – Age 26, Team: Pacers

Draymond Green – Age: 26, Team: Warriors

Kyrie Irving – Age: 24, Team: Cavaliers

DeAndre Jordan – Age 27, Team: Clippers

Kyle Lowry – Age: 30, Team: Raptos

Klay Thompson – Age: 26, Team: Warriors

Qualifying tournaments will be held in July while the official tournament begins in August.

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