So a little extra excitement at the NASCAR Truck Series Drivin for Linemen 200 this past Satruday in Madison, IN at Gateway Motorsports Park.

John Wes Townley and Spencer Gallagher, two seasoned racers let the heat, the crash…something get up under their skin this past weekend. They got into a scuffling match after they crashed into one another and couldn’t finish the race.

According to the commentators, there’s some history behind it all…but sheesh. What a way to show sportsmanship.

Apparently, you have to go to the principal’s office after something like this too…well, the NASCAR trailer to answer for yourself.


Ok seriously, that 13 second wra’slin match was so sad…smh. You really can’t even call it a fight. Honestly, it really did look like wrestling. They seemed to be chatting, not really punching. Hell, at one point, it looked like they were making out. #IJS. Sorry yall. Don’t shoot the messenger.

The commentary from NASCAR America is funnier than the fight itself.