Turkey has just experienced a tragic lost after 10 people have been pronounced dead due to an explosion. 20 people have been injured after the explosion happened at one of the largest airports. The Turkish government fired two times at the suspected attackers.

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We now learned that atleast 28 people have been found dead and 60 are injured as a result of the bombing on Istanbul Ataturk Airport in Turkey. CNN journalist Joe Duran says,

“Police are not letting anyone in … Hundreds of people are flooding away from airport… People are trying to get away. They’re not saying much — just the look on their face is enough, shock, some of them bleeding…”

An eye witness by the name of Traveler Laurence Cameron reaccounted what he saw saying,

“It was just a massive crowd of screaming people. Some were falling over themselves. A poor chap in a wheelchair was just left, and everyone just rushed to the back of the building, and then people ran the other way and no one really seemed to know what was going on. Where you normally hail a taxi, that is where the attack happened. The ground is just kind of shredded. There is bloodstains on the floor as well.”

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One suicide bomber let off a bomb outside the parking lot and another in the building. A witness accounted victims being taken away by taxis. This is so sad. In a recent video, children are seen bloodied and being taken away.