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It was initially believed that D’Angelo Russell recording Nick Young admitting to cheating is what broke Young and Iggy Azalea up but yesterday a report revealed the real reason Iggy Azalea broke up with Nick Young and ended their year-long engagement is because he got his babymother Keonna Green pregnant again.  Well Iggy Azalea took to her Twitter account early this morning and says she didn’t even know his babymother was pregnant again, there was a whole other cheating reason!

Iggy says she broke up with Nick because security footage showed Nick was bringing other women into the home they shared while she was away.  She says if Nick’s babymother is indeed pregnant again then she’s finding this out via E news, not from the man she was set to marry.

Iggy says it’s another shot to heart and now she feels like she doesn’t even know the person she was in love with all this time.

Keonna is reportedly four months pregnant with their second child.  She and Nick already have a four-year old son named Nick Jr.  The report says it was a one-time accident but other sources say they two never stopped messing with each other even when Nick began dating Iggy.

Keonna was reportedly part of Nick’s many infidelities with many different women.  Another source close to Nick told me Iggy knew he was unfaithful all this time; I guess she finally had enough.

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