Pass the dutchie with ya left hand. If you were to go to on a road trip would you take it in a hooptie or a rental? Survey says… Make sure your ride is in good condition before busting any moves.

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A Mexican man, Runen Chacon Rodriguez, traveling in New Mexico, was busted with 75 pounds of marijuana. His red buggie stopped working outside the primary inspection lane at U.S Border Patrol’s immigration checkpoint. Clearly overheated, smoke came from the back of the vehicle. Rodriguez then proceeded to get out of the car and push it to another lane. When officials came to assist the gentleman with the stalled buggie. During the search, police dogs found the bud in a secret compartment in the trunk. The package was worth more than $60,000. He’s currently locked up for accusations of drug smuggling. Dammmmn that sucks. Check your ride next time hot boy.

Source: NY Daily News