Graphic images have just been released of Michah Xavier Johnson after the robot bomb went off. In the standoff after Michah allegedly killed five Dallas PD officers a robot with a C4 strapped to it was used to blow Mich up. Warning the images located after the jump are graphic and parental advisory is advised.

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Michah Xavier Johnson was the alleged Dallas PD sniper who took the lives of five officers during the peaceful #BlackLivesMatter protest in Dallas, Texas. The ambush on the Dallas police officers would end in a standoff between Johnson and Dallas PD. In the end Michah Xavier Johnson, an ex military veteran, would see the end of his fate by the hands of a robot which would be sent in by the Dallas PD task force to blow him up.

(Video) Update: Dallas Police Chief Gives Briefing On Encounter With One Suspect From Shooting

The images of Michah Xavier Johnson have now hit the web and are extremely graphic. The graphic images are below.

Source: Famolous