Yesterday it was reported that Draymond Green was arrested for assault but police wouldn’t release details on the incident.  Now we know it’s because Green b–ch slapped a heckler.

According to TMZ Sports, Draymond was chilling in East Lansing on Saturday night when a guy much shorter than the NBA star was repeatedly heckling him.  Draymond allegedly got fed up and slapped the guy.  Unfortunately for him, a police officer was nearby and saw the whole thing. Welp…

TMZ obtained video of cops taking Draymond into custody, walking him to their patrol car.

The heckler appeared to be a Michigan State student-athlete, which is weird since Green was a beloved MSU hoops star.

Draymond was booked for misdemeanor assault and posted a $200 bond.  He’s due back in court on July 20.

Sidenote: for the keyboard thugs, this is what could happen if you said in person the horrible things you type to these athletes.  Though I’m sure many of you would gladly take a punch or slap for a lawsuit and big payday.

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