Dwight Howard and James Harden’s relationship started off promising when Howard decided to sign with Houston after leaving the Lakers but it didn’t take long for reality to set in for both players. The expectations of a championship never materialized and with the exception of one successful season which saw the Rockets lose to the Warriors in the western conference finals two season ago, there really was nothing else good to speak of. The relationship between both guys was clearly strained after a while, which was something Howard spoke on during his appearance on the “Mike & Mike” show.


Mike: How were your relationships in Houston, specifically with James Harden?

Howard: “It wasn’t as good as it needed to be for us to succeed, but looking back on it, theres really nothing we can do about it now, but talking about it amongst ourselves is great. We have to move and let that chapter in our life pass; I wish it was a lot better. It molded me into the person I am today”.

Mike: Did you feel like they didn’t give you enough of a role in Houston?

“No doubt,” Howard said when asked if he felt he wasn’t involved in the Rockets offense enough. “I know what I’m capable of. I know what I can bring to a team, i was bringing it for 8 years in Orlando. It wasn’t like I came in asking for the ball on every possession. I don’t want anyone thinking I’m some selfish kind of player.”

Now that Howard is back in his hometown of Atlanta, he personally feels very comfortable but he also won’t have to deal with such high expectations because nobody expects the Hawks to be a threat in the eastern conference. He just has to focus on playing without allowing distractions to get him off his game. He still has the ability to be a dominant center if he can check the other nonsense.