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As I’ve said in previous posts, with Kevin Durant’s decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder, all eyes turned to Russell Westbrook.  Everyone wondered how Westbrook felt about the situation, if he had any prior knowledge, if he told Durant he was going to leave OKC and more.  Durant’s introductory presser with the Warriors didn’t reveal much, but he did an interview following his practice with Team USA for the Olympics.

Durant denied that there was any friction between him and Westbrook.  He also denied that Westbrook’s style of play and reputation for taking over the game & being selfish had anything to do with it.

“Nah, it wasn’t (a factor in him leaving),” Durant said. “I mean obviously (that alleged subplot is) coming out now (that) I’m gone, all these reports are going to come out. I can’t really control it, but I just made a decision based on where I wanted to go, man. It was as simple as that. We can think about all the reasons and the factors and what factored in, but it was simple. That’s where I wanted to play basketball.”

When asked if he had spoken to Westbrook recently after their initial discussion in which Durant shared the news, he said:

“No, not really. Not really. Not in depth. But I’m sure that will happen at some point.”

Westbrook will become a free agent next year and there were rumors that he possibly told Durant he would leave (some think for the Lakers).  Durant denied this as well.

No, we didn’t talk about (Westbrook’s free agency future),” said Durant, who had gone to dinner with Westbrook and Thunder forward Nick Collison in the days leading up to free agency. “I mean we didn’t really talk about anything at all. I wish him nothing but the best, man.”

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