IFWT_Klay Cherise

Klay Thompson says he is not dating the L.A. Rams cheerleader who tagged her named on his patio.  In fact, he doesn’t really know her, she’s just a friend of a friend he met that day.

On Tuesday I did a post on Cherise Sandra after she posted a picture of herself outside Klay’s house after she spray painted her name on his patio and captioned it “You & Me Baby” and tagged his name.

It led some people to believe they were either dating or she’s psycho and it looks like the latter part is true.

Klay’s rep tells TMZ Sports, “They aren’t dating at all. The first time they met was that day. She was a guest of a guest, that’s it.”

As for Cherise’s name in graffiti, sources at the party tell TMZ Klay was cool with the girls tagging the patio but only because it’s about to be renovated.

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