26-year-old black elementary school teacher Breaion King was yet another victim of police brutality. In a video, we see King being thrown to the ground twice by a police officer who’s name is Bryan Richter . In one video, we even hear the police telling King that people are afraid of black people because of their “violent tendencies.”

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King has publicly come out to speak on the incident that took place on June 15, 2015. King says,

When he first pulled me over I assumed he was pulling me over for speeding

In the footage, King gets out of her car, but after she was told to get back in she does as told. Richter then forcefully removes King from the car. We can hear her screaming “Oh my god” and the cop is yelling “Stop resisting.” King says,

“I was in disbelief. It was like an out-of-body-experience,”

The officer claims King swung at him and he did not know whether she was armed which is why he handled her the way he did. He says she had an “uncooperative attitude.” Chief of Police Art Acevedo says Richter was given training and counseling after Austin police reviewed his use of force. He says,

After reviewing both videos, I and our leadership team were highly disturbed and disappointed in both the way Ms. King was approached and handled and in the mindset that we saw on display in those videos. But there is another piece, which has caused concerns as to our review process and the systems we have in place.”