(Video) Cop Who Shot Unarmed Black Man Speaks On Fear Of Being Run Over

A former University of Cincinnati police officer has recently spoke on killing a unarmed black man during a traffic stop. The officer is seen in a video crying and recalling what happened the night he killed the man. He says during the traffic stop, he asked the man to stop the vehicle. He says that turned into the driver trying to run him over with the car. According to the officer, his arm was stuck in the vehicle and all he thought was ‘this man is trying to kill me.’ When asked why he shot the man in the head, he said that was pretty much all he could see and get to. The officer was also addressed about wearing a shirt with a confederate flag on it.

Black Lives Matter Leader Sued By Baton Rogue Cop

According to a Baton Rogue cop, Black Lives Matter leader DeRay McKesson, encouraged a group of protestors to throw chunks of concrete at him. The officer is now suing McKesson for a rally that he organized. He says the rally was blocking streets, prompting the call for police to control the crowd.

(Photo + Video) Pennsylvania Cop Fired For Using The ‘N’ Word On Snapchat

Former Pitcairn Police Department officer Melissa Adamson has just been fired after she posted a photo on Snapchat in her uniform using the ‘N’ word. The photo was taken months ago but it was just bought to the attention of her superiors.

Wow: White Cop Fired For Not Shooting Suicidal Black Man

This world is just crazy. A white cop from West Virginia has been fired…yes FIRED… for not shooting a black suicidal man. Stephen Mader, a former police officer in Weirton, West Virginia, confronted the suicidal man, 23-year-old Ronald D. “R.J.” Williams, Jr. who was armed during a domestic violence incident.

(Video) Cop Arrest Young Drunk Women “Stop Taking My Fries”

How would you react when someone takes food off your plate and you don’t even know them?! Well in this particular case this police officer wasn’t having it obviously, when the officer told the women to stop taking her fries she continued and the officer reportedly called a a female officer to apprehend the wimpy fry snatcher.

(Video) Retired Vegas Cop Says Tupac Is Indeed Dead

A lot of people sweat to this day that Pac is still alive. This is one of many conspiracy theories floating around hip-hop. Well now retired cop Chris Carroll has now spoken out on the rumor saying Tupac is indeed dead.

Indianapolis Police Shoot Black Homeowner While Responding To Attempted Car Jacking

When a woman got home in the early hours of the morning she was attacked by a car jacker. The woman threw her keys away and ran in the house. She immediately called police. When the officers responded, the woman’s husband, armed, was outside making sure things were safe when he was shot by police. His crime? Protecting his wife. Check in after the jump for more on the story.

(Video) Another Cop Not Facing Charges

. Texas cop not facing charges after begin arrested.

(Video) Footage Surfaces Of A Black Teacher Being Violently Arrested In Austin

26-year-old black elementary school teacher Breaion King was yet another victim of police brutality. In a video, we see King being thrown to the ground twice by a police officer who’s name is Bryan Richter . In one video, we even hear the police telling King that people are afraid of black people because of their “violent tendencies.”

(Video) SMH: Cop Taunts A Man On The Ground

This police brutality thing is going extremely far. In a video, we see a man on the floor being harassed by police. The person recording the video states that the man was maced and tazed for doing nothing.

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