According to a Baton Rogue cop, Black Lives Matter leader DeRay McKesson, encouraged a group of protestors to throw chunks of concrete at him. The officer is now suing McKesson for a rally that he organized. He says the rally was blocking streets, prompting the call for police to control the crowd.

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The cop, who is referred to as ‘John Doe’ says he and other officers were pelted by full bottles, looted from a Circle K, then once the water ran out, someone picked up a piece of concrete or something like a rock and threw it. The officer says he was hit with the rock in his face.

The officer claims that he lost a tooth, injured his jaw, and also his brain. In his lawsuit he says that McKesson is the blame for his injuries due to the fact that he allegedly stared the violent act. John Doe claims that the tension were already high due to the Dallas police ambush that had happened just a few days before. Alton Sterling had also just been killed a few days before that. The officer felt as though all of this could have been avoided and now wants McKesson to pay up.

Source: TMZ