We know that MMA star Jon Jones let hundreds of fans down recently by being disqualified to participate in UFC 200 due to usage of performance enhancing drugs…but now, his brother too?!?

Jon’s little brother, Indianapolis Colts defensive end, Arthur Jones just got popped for the same damned thang. PEDs. So…is it like a household thing? Hmmm…guess we’ll have to wait for more specific details, but for now, Artie is suspended without pay until October 3rd/4 games once the season starts. As for Jon, we’re still waiting on the final word.

So what makes a world-class athlete feel like he or she has to enhance the natural talent that got them where they are? Is it just too competitive? Would they rather take the chance of getting caught rather than the chance of not measuring up? Inquiring minds want to know…what do you think?