As the Democratic National Convention approaches, there are all sorts of scandal and smear efforts aimed towards the Democratic party. WikiLeaks which is notorious for leaking all sorts of confidential information, just released over 200,000 emails showing Democrats working against Bernie Sanders. Hit the jump to read more.

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Democrats have been portrayed as the ‘fair’ and sometimes more ethical party. However in a recent email leak, members of the party have been working against their own and using the social media as a campaign tactic. In the emails members were setting up meetings with the MSNBC President, to discuss showing more ‘favorable’ coverage on shows.
Emails also showed Democrats outlining the importance of getting the Hispanic vote. It said:

“Hispanics are the most brand loyal consumers in the world.”

The objective in the email was to encourage Hispanics to be registered and vote, and also for members to build a stronger relationship with them.

Do you think this recent leak is an effort to smear Democrats’ campaign?