(Photo) Former Congressman Steve Stockman Tweets “Release Your Emails Bit*h” During Debate

Former Texas Congressman Steve Stockman got pretty fired up during last night’s debates as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton discussed Hillary Clinton’s emails.

(Photos) WOW: WikiLeaks Releases Over 200,000 Emails From DNC!

As the Democratic National Convention approaches, there are all sorts of scandal and smear efforts aimed towards the Democratic party. WikiLeaks which is notorious for leaking all sorts of confidential information, just released over 200,000 emails showing Democrats working against Bernie Sanders. Hit the jump to read more.

(Photos) NFL: Emails Reveal Tom Brady Calls Teammates & Coaches “Babe”, Takes Shot At Peyton Manning

More and more documents and details continue to be released to the public as part of Tom Brady’s appeal of his suspension. While most of them are irrelevant pieces of information the casual fan wouldn’t care about, a few of them are definitely interesting such as him calling coaches & teammates “babe”. Probably just a running joke with the team but his comment about Peyton Manning has been catching everyone’s eye.

Hundreds Of Hillary Clinton’s Personal Emails Released By The State Department

Clearly, the State Department got wind of Beyoncé supporting this female presidential candidate, and are trying their hardest to kick her out before she is even in. Hillary Clinton’s personal emails have been released early Friday, May 22; at least 300 – 800+ pages – of the 30,000. Hit the jump for more.

Sony Pictures Accused Of Racism & Sexual Harassment By Black Female Employee In Hacked Emails!

An email hacked from Sony Pictures provides the details behind an alleged harassment of a black female employee who was fired from the company. Read more on the story below!

(Photos) Oh Sh*t! The Real Beef Between Apple And Google Started With These Emails?!

So many believe the beef between Apple and Google started when Google dropped Android 3 years after the iPhone…but No, apparently the beef started 2 years before the iPhone dropped, and over hiring practices!

(Photo) George Zimmerman The Next Sandy Hook?!

America knows its only a matter of time before George Zimmerman does it again! His father in law described George as a keg ready to blow, after the Lake Mary Police Department had to be called to settle an incident at his home earlier this week. Now Steve Bracknell, police chief of the Lake Mary police department, agrees and says that Zimmerman will cause a tragic event similar to the likes of the shooting at Sandy Hook or Aurora, Colorado. To read more, click below.

Uh Oh!!! Mike Tyson’s Wife Has Had Enough!!!

Mike Tysons wife, Lakiha Spicer say’s she’s had enough and is headed to the courts. Hit the jump for the full story!

(Video) NCAA: Penn State Emails Point to Alleged Jerry Sandusky Coverup

CNN has obtained alleged emails between several former high-ranking Penn State officials in 2001 that point to an attempted cover-up of an alleged incident of sexual abuse by Jerry Sandusky.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie x Sabrina B.

(Check the Pics) MLB: Man Discovers His Girlfriend Sexting Former Red Sox Manager Terry Francona

A poor man who shall remain anonymous was going through his girlfriend’s emails and phone and discovered she was having a sexting relationship with Boston Red Sox former manager Terry Francona.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie x Sabrina B.

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