Birdman made the rounds at ESPN yesterday, where he appeared on a couple different shows to talk about his own new show, “Music Moguls” which airs on BET, following the lives of himself, Snoop, Damon Dash and others but he was also there to talk sports. Birdman has been seen many times sitting courtside during Miami Heat games and you have to expect you won’t see him as much now that Dwyane Wade is gone. He spoke on the way Pat Riley handled the whole situation in allowing Wade to leave, which quickly drew comparisons on twitter to the way Birdman operates with Lil Wayne. He wasn’t done there however. He also went on “The Dan LeBatard Show With Stugotz”, where he touched on the situation in OKC, which led him to call Durant “Disrespectful”.


Birdman said Riley should’ve never let Wade walk away over the difference of a few million dollars, especially based on everything he did for the franchise. Folks on twitter were amused by the comment and wondered how Birdman could have such a strong take on that but not pay Wayne the money he deserves.

As I mentioned, Birdman wasn’t done for the day after that discussion. He went on Dan Le Betard’s radio show, where he announced that Westbrook is his “favorite player of all time” and said KD was disrespectful for not giving Russ notice about what he was going to do.

“Westbrook is my favorite player in the NBA of all time,” Birdman said. “I think you got respect that come along with the game. I think he deserved to be…I think Durant should have reached out on a respect level like, ‘Lil’ bro, this what I’m doing,’ instead of just leaving him hanging. I honestly feel he’s going to maintain, because he’s that type of player, with or without [Durant]. They just need the pieces. But I really feel that Westbrook, whatever move or decision he makes, he’s too dominant of a player. He’s like no-holds barred. When he on that court, it’s like he’s fearless. He remind me so much of me and what I do with my craft. I just think it’s no-holds barred. But I also think what Durant did was very, very disrespectful.”

There sure are more and more people who are claiming Russ is their favorite player lately. For the record, we don’t know for sure what KD did or didn’t say to Russ ahead of time. We already learned that reports of KD telling Russ he was going to stay only to turn around and leave were false.

Check out the video and tweet above to hear it all directly from the mouth of the Cash Money Boss.