IFWT_Jimmy Haslam

The Cleveland Browns have a long history of dysfunction and losing.  Though Jimmy Haslam just bought the team in 2012, a lot has happened in that short period of time to add to the Browns’ woes.  They have had four consecutive losing seasons, the worst came last season where they only won three games.  That led to a housecleaning in the front office and on the coaching staff (again), they have a new quarterback (again), and are rebuilding (again).  With that, it’s understood it’ll take time before the team has a winning season.

“I can’t guarantee we’re going to have a winning season after going 3-13,” Haslam said Sunday, according to Cleveland.com‘s Mary Kay Cabot.  “I know we’ll be a better football team, and we’re directionally correct. These guys will work hard and play hard, and our fans will appreciate that. (But) we have a long way to go.”

He refused to put a number on success.

“I don’t want to go there,” Haslam said. “That’s one of those trick, gotcha questions. We could win four or five games and feel good about things or we could win eight. We’ll all know when we stand here on Jan. 1st if we’re improving. We’re going to have a young team.”

“This is a franchise that has not drafted well over the years and that of course is how you build a good football team,” said Haslam. “We’re cautiously optimistic about the draft we had last year. We have a lot of picks coming up next year and hope to position ourselves. We’re very excited. We’re cautiously optimistic but at the same time realistic about where we stand.”

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