Looks like Theophilus London was having the time of his life in jail, getting arrested for smashing a cab driver’s phone to “900 pieces” before running off and getting caught in a movie theatre lol. Eventful.

Frankie Zing

So they let him keep his phone in jail, he tweets the whole museum like, pee & cigarette buds smelling experience next to his cell mate who said he would do him if he was a girl, and then videos himself with a happy officer who I guess knew who he was lol.

London said when he went to pay the cab driver he only had 100s on him, the driver didn’t have change and tried to actually keep the full 100…which led to Theo giving him a count down to 1. Then shit got real and he went to smash his phone and fled off, trying to hide out in a movie theatre but was too late.

Check all of his tweets in the gallery above of the incident…man only for Theo: