Yep, that’s right! The most decorated Olympic medalist has officially swum his last lap vying for the gold. See what he had to say about it.

With a record 27 Olympic medals including 22 gold…I mean, what else is there as an athlete? Phelps has his new wife and beautiful new son, Boomer, to focus on. And seriously…the endorsements are probably overflowing in his e-mail right now. Collect them checks Michael!!!

“It’s all I could ask for,” said a smiling Phelps, who appeared as satisfied as one can be with silver. “It was fun. A silver medal? Add one of those to the collection. And I’ll get ready for the relay tomorrow.”

Tomorrow is when Phelps, now 31, is scheduled to swim in the U.S. 4×100-meter medley. His last swim at an Olympics – ever.

“I have two laps left in my career,” Phelps said of the relay.

Then, laughing, added: “And I’ll clarify, Ryan (Lochte) doesn’t know what he’s talking about; I’m not coming back in 2020. I saw that today and I thought, ‘Oh, thanks Ryan! Throwing me out there for another four years.’ If he wants to come back for another four years, it will be fun to watch.”

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