A video has now spiraled around Instagram of police punching on a Bronx man who is clearly already on the ground. In the video we see the officers repeatedly throwing blows at the man as he is already physically restrained.

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The video was posted by Instagram users @GoHardBoyzNYC and @Hocus45th. @Hocus45th wrote,

FUCK THE POLICE!!!! Sorry I can’t be political about it… 3 against 1… He’s trying to block his face and this pig keep hitting him… This is in the Bronx too smfh @gohardboyznyc shit just fucked up my day bro?????

@GoHardBoyzNYC wrote,

This in The BX Smh … I’m so sick of these Super Cops ? man @_kelz_145_ghb this made my whole Stomach turn .. .. NOW WHAT EXCUSE WARRANTS THIS BS ???. REPOST REPOST ????

You can see in the video one of the officers has a cut to his head. The video is being posted all over as of now.